FMCG Case Study- Increased Visibility and Sales

Company Profile

An FMCG Brand , that deals in shower gels, hair care kits, skin care products. The business has a footprint in India, US, UAE, Europe, Canada and UK.


The brand does not have its own physical stores to provide a holistic experience of its product ranges. In some aggregator stores where it is present, the brand visibility was very limited and every new customer was reluctant to try the same product tried by another customer.


After selection, the brand closely worked with Scaled AI to implement 1500 customer experience satellite stores across the country in high end properties. It was a targetted product placement based various parameters to suit the brands' needs.

Having satellite stores eased the process of unlocking magical experiences for the customers.


With this campaign the brand was able to

  1. Personalize experiences for its audiences in 1500+ experiential properties across the country

  2. Capture the mind share of their customers 50 times better than online advertisements

  3. Collect more than 1500 feedback on the products and experiences

  4. Increase brand visibility and sales by 23.5%

  5. Converted guests into loyal customers

Best Practice

This solutions perfectly complemented the brand's marketing campaign and it now has its own satellite stores across India.

It is a simple solution and Scaled AI's targetted placement and right customer experience helped scale the business to greater heights

The new solution not only increases customer experience, but the internal efficiency is also drastically improved as the brand is no longer waiting for sales person to pitch for the products manually to unlock customer accounts. Now customers can experience the product, connect with the brand and make an informed decision immediately.

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