Best ways to add awesomeness to your trip

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Well, the new currency for travel is "Experience". Why would you even go to a place where you have nothing to experience? Something similar happened on my 3 days trip to Coorg. It's interesting because it's a small hill station and I visited all the places in a day! Now, what do I do for the rest of the 2 days? It's unplanned. I didn't want to visit the same places again but I still wanted "Acche Din" or Good Days. I had a long time ahead of me, where I did not do anything and just took out my phone and was glued to it for hours. Now I could keep swiping up on my phone while I was in my native too. Why am I doing the same thing in such a beautiful and serene location like Coorg? Happened to you too at some time, isn't it?

Exploring and Shopping is much more valued and celebrated than having enriching experiences within the rental stay and chilling with new people. That's when I started exploring things within the property such as trying out all the complimentary amenities, and little did I know my "Acche Din" had already begun. I started talking to the host about some products I truly liked, and guess what? She told me more about it and we ended up having a great time.

So what about you? How much do you travel? Indians also seem most tempted by nostalgia as 80 percent of those surveyed travel to rediscover past good times. We invite you to live experiences. Instead of just staying at a property, travel a step forward and stay at a shoppable property and experience different products within the property. If you like something, ask the property host all about it and try to take back a piece of your stay with you. Because after all travel is all about the stay, shopping, exploring and people; all combined.

Make deposits of epic awesomeness to your experiences. Sometimes creating an experience and living the experience point in the opposite direction. Now, travel has truly transformed. No matter who you are, but ultimately we are all human. And that what we want, and dream and desire are so much more similar than different.

Right now you can visit more than 500 such properties within India where you can enjoy and have enriching experiences with multiple brands to try out. Now is the extraordinary time to be a traveler. So what does it mean? If you want to travel, do it full of experiences. With experiential stays and shoppable properties, you have more choices, flexibility, and experiences than you may ever have before. Right now, a group is enjoying a cup of Specialty Coffees and a laugh in hilltop properties in Manali and some couples are enjoying a set of Winey wine glasses on the white sand beaches of Goa. Why are you not there?

If you are old or young, doesn't matter. You go and enjoy your set of experiences in these shoppable properties. If you like something, purchase it, and if you don't then enjoy it. Travel can be extraordinarily rewarding so whether you are in your 20's and taking a gap year or in your 30s working to take a month off, or planning for a sabbatical in your 40s, or looking towards retirement and wanting to enjoy some time off with your spouse- There's something for everybody and nothing to lose in this wonderful journey.

Right now somewhere in Chikmagalur, a property host must be searching for some enthusiastic travelers like you to come over and stay there so that she can show off the amenities in her house for you to enjoy it. Why are you not there?

Also, it's no judgment or competition in the amount of experience or the length of travel because what's a good experience to me will be a great one for you. We're all different but ultimately the idea here is to travel more and experience much more. Say no to boring rentals and yes to experiential rentals and stoppable stays. This is not about checking things off a list; it's about having meaningful experiences. In your mind's eye, picture a place you want to visit, the rental property you want to stay in, the brands you want to try and purchase. Well, it's time you say "No!" To travel and say "Yes" to travel experiences.

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