Hottest trend in the Marketing Industry - Experience Marketing

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Even as a brand owner, there’s a good chance you might have taken short trips with family and friends and happened to stay in short term rentals such as homestays, hotels or resorts.

During the stay, you might have used the products within the rental such a vegan shampoo and conditioner which made your hair feel soft and luscious. Between all these experiences you might have thought to yourself at one point or the other “ This shampoo is amazing! I wonder where I can purchase it from.” Here shampoo can be switched with an endless list of items that you touch and feel at a short term rental property. We’ve talked to people that have gone so far as to say they remember a mattress they slept on 20 years ago and regret not buying it to this day. Stories and experiences like these are why it’s no surprise that “Experiential marketing” is the next biggest trend in the offline marketing industry.

Well, experiences travel a long way with you. Did you know that your potential customers are also looking out for such amazing interactions and experiences with your products too? But the reality is, it is not just any experience that captures the mind share of the customer; the competition has increased and for brands this is the new reality - democratic competition with everyone. The experience you provide will be in chaos, and must be designed to stand out.

Winey-The Wine Glass Company saw the opportunity to share the experience of their wine glasses with guests across India. They took advantage of stoppable stays and added a unique experience for their potential customers. The brand is giving their customers a chance to relax on the white- sand beaches and experience the set of Winey Wine Glasses that’ll make them feel French.

How do guests experience these amazing products and know where to get them? All virtually of course. Max and Zoey have been provided a virtual lookbook set up so that they can easily showcase the various items in their stay with the simple send of a link. With every experience within the property, the guests can learn more about the brand and can purchase the products directly from their website. To set up a satellite experience store, you’ll have to figure out the properties where your potential customers would visit, discuss with the hosts, identify the locations to place your products and use some software skills to set up a lookbook your guests can access. If this bundle isn’t up your alley and you’re looking to skip the hassle of setting up experience stores, you can use services that do it for you.

Whether you’re in the business of eco-friendly hand soap, hand towels, books or furnishings, it can all be worked out in these satellite stores. Providing a natural experience elevates the perception of the brand in the mind of potential customers. Having a way for guests to get the same products as you put forth in multiple properties across India sends the message that you want them to connect with your brand and product till eternity.

And of course, guests that bring home your product will connect with your brand naturally. Now your brand will come up in conversations and will always be on top of the mind for someone that experienced it so seamlessly. Instead of looking at the customers, we must look in the same direction as them. Real and authentic customer experience is what the brand is built on, and we need the DNA of experience in our brands today. Holding the customers’ hand and taking them on an experiential journey is a no brainer!

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