7 Customer Experience Mistakes that impact your conversions.

Have you ever provided amazing experience of your products to potential customers and drove traffic to it, but then you notice that everything you’re doing is not getting you conversions? It sucks. Isn’t it?

You put in the time, effort, money and so many other resources into it and you just can’t get sales for the life of you.

Hey everyone! I am Priyanka Gupta and today I am going to share 7 customer experience flaws that’ll kill your conversions. So make sure you read through it completely and ensure you don’t make these mistakes.

So let’s dive in -

  1. Convenience - Firstly, are you there where your potential customers are searching for you? Well, you might think I have customers everywhere so how does this matter but my friend, it does! Convenience matters. Period. It does not mean that if you are in a mall or a physical store, you are in a place with amazing reception. For that, you need to be where your customers are. It need not necessarily be stores, it could be any place. A car accessory is not something people will buy off the shelf. Give them a trial. Check where all you can be? You can talk to various car rental services to install this in their cars so people can feel your product as a part of the experience and not a plug in.

  2. Generic customer experience - Even if you are selling one product/ service keep in mind that every single customer is different. How about you personalise experiences for them? Warm them up to your brand and then strike the conversation about your product. I don’t ask you to believe me but try it for yourself. You need to get super granular and specific with your customer experience. It needs to be super targeted for your audience. As a part of Scaled AI, we suggest companies where and how to place their products for maximum customer engagement which drastically increased visibility and sales for them. So it’s tried and tested!

  3. Distractions - Do you know what’s an attention span of a human being? We have an attention span of less than a gold fish’s so why do you want to be in a competitive place where people get easily distracted from your offering? Focus on user’s attention and you’ll be better off. The flaw here is sometimes the mind movement of the customer is really sensitive and when the customer is trying your product amongst 50 others present in the store, it may trigger an exit motion from your product. If that’s what is happening, they are less likely to convert. Right? So create a space for yourself where people can try your product exclusively. The long and short is - when someone is trying your product, they should be hooked on to it for that duration without getting distracted.

  4. Visual disconnect: As a customer yourself, have you ever felt that you’ve not received the same product as that shown in the advertisement? It’s no different with your customers. If you display an ad and that does not match with your product or the experience when customers see or try it, your conversions are going to tank. There needs to be a sync with what you promise and what you deliver. People don’t buy the best products, they buy the products that they understand and connect with. So, don’t the connect away from them, else you’ll face the consequences.

  5. Bad store Experience: Customers visit the store to try products and if they do not have a good experience with your product in the store, it’s going to impact your sale. It’s the ambience of the store that matters too. If customers do not like the ambience, they might have a negative view about your product. So have a checklist handy before you decide to place your product anywhere. It’s important.

  6. Not addressing buyer’s concerns : There could be “Hey what if I don’t like this product or service, is there a money back guarantee? Is there a free trial? What do other people think about this product? All these things are objections or concerns. If you can answer these as a part of your customer experience, it’ll most likely lead to higher conversions. If you are not sure what people’s concerns are, you can always ask them through survey forms. When you give them the experience take back something in return too. But what possibly can you take back? Confused? Well, you should collect feedback about your product and ensure you work on those points to make your product better for your audience. The customers are telling you what they don’t like and what they like about your product. This is a direct communication channel that you need to leverage upon.

  7. You are making the customer experience process too complicated: I am talking about the process. If you have 30 form fields that people have to fill before trying out your product or if the trial process is cumbersome, they’ll just leave it. Nobody has so much time. You can just place your product and keep a small tent card beside your product with the important information as supposed to a sales person shadowing them like a ghost. If you make your process simple and friendly, you’ll convert customers faster.

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