3 ways how hosts can create share-worthy experiences for guests?

It's like you have the mic in your hand and million fans in front of you! I remember my recent staycation near Mumbai and just like any other, I was up all night searching for the property to book for my stay. I browsed the website and all the properties listed there tried to grab my attention. Many properties had really attractive offers and continuously kept notifying me for days till I booked the one! That's how desperate they are trying to grab our attention.

How you engage with the property depends on the kind of experiences you create and enjoy. I then headed to the property, unpacked my stuff, and just like any other, wandered around to see what's in there for me? There were just 2 options:

Option 1: It may grab my eyeballs but my engagement within the property will be zero. I may not even recommend it to anyone or

Option 2: It may grab my attention and my engagement with the property will be more than I expected and I'll end up snowballing the magical experience I had in the property.

To my surprise, this property was like a movie studio. There were so many products for me to try on and so little time! That was the first thought that popped up in my head. There was something new to try everywhere. And that was not it! I could even buy these if I wanted to. Now how often does that happen? In this so-called movie studio, I experimented with more than 10 products, all from different brands and I ended up owning 2 of them. I don't have any travel regrets now. I got value for my money. Stories and experiences like these are reasons why "experiential stays" is a trend that is here to stay.

The biggest souvenir you buy on vacation or staycation could be your whole hotel room. "Ahh, vacation!", just hearing these words conjures up warm and fuzzy feelings of freedom, carelessness, and overall satisfaction.

How to create share-worthy experiences? Let's cook some ideas which are actionable from the get-go. Grab a cup of coffee and let's brainstorm. Every idea is welcome; it just needs to pass through the following filters:

1. Identify the property's DNA - It's about finding what makes it more than just what the property is. Just like how the DNA of a person makes them unique, every property needs to have a distinct identity that makes it stand out from the crowd.

2. Make every corner useful for the guests - Look out for products and subtly integrate your property with products, at the entrance, common areas, and rooms within the property, even in the smallest corner so that guests spend some time in every corner of your property. But don't overdo it!

3. Experience on Wheels - Just placement of products is not sufficient, you need to discuss and tell them more about it. Make them feel the personal connection and warm them up to your property and listening to their experiences with the property and products.

A pro-tip here is, you can even earn by placing products within your property. With every fast and engaging experience, you can now earn a supplementary income which will be the return on your investment of time and effort. Many people say creativity isn't their forte but the more you experiment and try different ideas, the better you'll get. Now you are clear about the focus on creating share-worthy experiences and how you can create a compelling one yourself. To keep the curve up, you need to make sure you give your awesome shot. When you come out with your 360- degree experiential stay, it'll seem like a game-changer for you! So finally, when would you begin?

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