Want to have experience stores for your products all over India?

Currently there are  1500+  Scaled Experiential Properties across India


Winey Wine Glass Company

Winey...The Wine Glass Company is helping create special memories for loved ones. How? You can experience their set of 🥂 wine glasses that'll make you feel French in various properties across the country. And what they are getting in return? 👉 More than 500 Satellite stores across India 👉 Increased Brand Visibility 👉 New and Repeated customers It's possible for you too! Just partner with Scaled today and communicate your brand story to your customers.

Bamboo Bath Towels

It's time to accelerate the transition to sustainable products for everyday use

Market In Style!

First experience matters; make it an awesome one! Your growth depends on your customers and the right experience at the right time is very important.

Experience Based Marketing

Targetted placement of the product has a great impact on branding. The brand does not only have to be visible but also relevant. Bring your product out from the shelves in the hands of the people to experience its quality.

Godrej Aer

First hand experience is the ultimate deal cracker. The magic is in the air of experience - Godrej

Winey Wine Glasses

Winey Wine Glasses communicates their brand story in a unique way with Scaled. It's sure to make the end of a long day relaxing for guests and translate into brand visibility and sales for Winey Wine Glasses. It doesn't get better than that!⠀⠀ We are giving DTC brands a new channel to promote their products through our network of short term rental properties. If you know anyone who'd be interested in learning more, please reach out!

Be where customers are!

Need an innovative attribution funnel to convert showroom customers faster for your brand? Well, It is time to Market In Style and become a part of this new marketing trend!

Experience Speaks

It’s not even about what we sell. It’s about the consumer. It’s about the experience we provide to our consumers as they shop, buy, and use our products. Consumers expects that Brands should know me - anticipate, predict, and deliver what I want before I even ask for it. This Experience era is all about Goosebumps, and Smiles, and bringing people closer together - delighting the consumer at every turn.

Glimpses of Product Placements

Convert Guests to Loyal Customers!

Glimpse of your Scaled Experience

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Data driven product placements

Position your products in our network of vetted properties that generate guaranteed footfall.

1500+ Satellite Store Experience

Without any investment in offline stores, give your target customers personalized experience of your product in locations all across India 

Increased Visibility and Sales

Scaled is upto 75% cheaper than using physical retail to set up demos and sampling events. It allows guests to now bring home a piece of their stay