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Have an amazing product but facing difficult in providing the right experience to your target customers?

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Getscaled AI is a data-driven platform that enables upcoming brands the opportunity to provide targeted Experiential Marketing to their target customer.


Some say selling is the most thrilling experience, we say it's branding!

As a customer, you need to explore, experiment and experience before you find your calling. Scaled is not just a place to sell but it's a home for you to share your brand's story with your customers. The offline experience is the ultimate deal cracker. is a way for brands to showcase their products, hosts to upgrade their properties, and guests to try out something new with no risk.

Experience is calling, what are you waiting for?


Welcome to the world of Customer Experience

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The Fun News about Your Experience

We, at Getscaled AI, strongly believe that customer experience is as important for a brand, as product development and branding.

We explore together, experiment together, and enjoy together! 

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Wanna know more about us?  Check out our  social pages...
Frenching up the experience!

Equal focus on product development and traction are important. For this, we need to be where customers really are and now customers can feel the French experience everywhere.  Thank you Scaled!

Experience Speaks

We brought back a piece of our stay and now we have an amazing story to share with our family and friends.

The Fun experience!

Renting out the property just became fun and easy.

Good to great experiences!

Not all experiences are good experiences but it can be made. Every experience has a story and this one made our story a memorable one!

Experience Speaks (1)

Ratings are a reflection of the experience. Provide the customer service that is not just the best, but legendary. Make it worth it!

Be where customers are!

We don't want to market our products there when customers are here.

Getscaled AI Community


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Getscaled's 3 Es 



We assure the best services at great prices. Scaled is upto 75% cheaper than using physical retail to set up demos and sampling events. It allows guests to now bring home a piece of their stay. 

When experienced, a potential customer will receive a unique discount code to use on your e-commerce store.

We offer a one-stop solution to make customer experience effortless and stress-free. Everything is enabled by technology to ensure a seamless experience.

Without any investment in offline stores, we help you give your target customers personalized experience of your product in locations all across India.



Aligning objectives of customer experience with business goals require subjective visioning. 

We track a holistic customer journey from discovery to conversion.

 When a potential customer views your product, the Scaled platform captures brand affinity and intent to purchase.




Our Story - How Getscaled AI was envisioned

Getscaled AI was started by Priyanka and Swathi. 

While authoring books on Entrepreneurship, they got a chance to interact with multiple entrepreneurs.




On asking the entrepreneurs their most significant challenge while starting out, they mentioned the difficulty they faced in branding, marketing and providing the right customer experience to their target customers.




That's how Getscaled AI was envisioned.

Wanna know how we can help you?

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